Personal Annual Report for: Sean Smith
Online Entity: zenX13
Age (as of Dec. 2010): 44
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Design by: Lab13
J1: Start Skul3sixfive project (link)
J3: Publish 2009 Annual Report (link)
J6: Concert - Blue Rodeo
J9: Help dad move cars to new farm (photo)
J10: More car moving (photo)
J16: More car moving
J17: Photo Day - Theme - Reflections (photo)
J22: New Ploaroid acquisition (photo)
J23: More car moving
J30: New scoot! 59/60 Sears Allstate (photo)
J31: New Ploaroid acquisition #2 (photo)
F14: Valentines dinner w/Margo (photo)
F16: Concert - Wilco (photo)
F20: Maureen Jeopardy Birthday (photo)
F21: iAP Photo Day Theme - Tattoos (photo)
F23: New Camera - Canon SD 940IS (photo)
F28: Canadian Winter Olympics viewing
M5: Theatre Calgary - Beyond Eden
M6: Movie - Avatar
M11: Dinner with Mum & Dad (photo)
M18: New Polaroid film (photo)
M20: St. Patricks Day (photo)
M21: Progress on Serveta Scooter (photo)
M25: Office Curling event
M27: Movie - Cop Out
M28: iAP PhotoDay Theme - Music (photo)
M30: Margo Birthday (photo)
A9: Theatre Calgary - Betryal
A18: Movie - Kick Ass
A20: Lunch with High School friends
A22: Sean Birthday (photo)
A23: A Clockwork Orange w/Malcom McDowell
A24: Meet comic legend Matt Wagner (photo)
A30: Brother's back in town (photo)
M2: iAP PhotoDay Theme - Wet (photo)
M7: Theatre Calgary - Putnam Spelling Bee
M19: Victoria Scooter Rally (photo)
M20: Victoria Scooter Rally (photo)
M21: Victoria Scooter Rally (photo)
M22: Victoria Scooter Rally (photo)
M23: Victoria Scooter Rally (photo)
M28: Connor's Birhtday (photo)
M30: 1st Day working on Conn's car (photo)
J12: Walk to Weathertop (link)
J14: World cup pup! (photo)
J17: Conn debate awards (photo)
J18: Edmonton Rally (photo)
J19: Edmonton Rally (photo)
J20: Edmonton Rally (photo)
J26: Teagan and Jess's Wedding (photo)
J27: Walk to Scotchman's Hill (link)
J28: Work Staff and Family BBQ
JL1: Walk on Canada Day (link)
JL3: Movie - Prince of Persia
JL11: World Cup final (photo)
JL12: Sherlock Holmes gift! (photo)
JL16: Concert - Kid Rock (photo)
JL20: Movie - Inception
JL23: Concert - Folk Fest (Swell Season)
JL24: Walk to Folk Fest (link)
JL30: Stef Birthday (photo)
JL31: Calgary Scooter Rally (photo)
A1: Calgary Rally (photo)
A6: Lancaster Bomber event (photo)
A7: Walk to pick up truck (link)
A9: New fire pit (photo)
A12: Work golf [rained out] (photo)
A14: Walk to Yarn store (link)
A22: Concert - Black-Eyed Peas (photo)
A23-31: Vegas holiday (photos)
S2: Conn 1st day Grade 11 (photo)
S6: Movie - Going the Distance
S8: Anniversary (photo)
S10: Concert - Aerosmith / Joan Jett (photo)
S11: New scooter (photo)
S12: Ray's Birthday (photo)
S16: Worst day of year (photo)
S18: Theatre Calgary - 1 Flew Over... (photo)
S23: Jupitor (photo)
S25: Jaguars Poker Run (photo)
S26: Auntie Wndy & Uncle Mick visit (photo)
S30: Work retreat Emerald Lake (photo)
O1: Work retreat Emerald Lake (photo)
02: Work retreat Emerald Lake (photo)
O9: Fishcreek Park w/Margo (photo)
O11: Movie: Social Network 1st
O12: Movie: Social Network 2nd
O17: Apple harvest (photo)
O18: Mayoral election (photo)
O21: Work trip to Picture Butte (photo)
O23: Theatre Calgary - Lost - a Memoir
O27: First snow (photo)
O30: Halloween party (photo)
N1: Concert - Josh Ritter (photo)
N6: D&D w/highschool chums (photo)
N10: Design Thinkers Conf. YYZ (photo)
N11: Design Thinkers Conf. YYZ (photo)
N12: Design Thinkers Conf. YYZ (photo)
N13: Design Thinkers Conf. YYZ (photo)
N14: Design Thinkers Conf. YYZ (photo)
N19: Billy Connolly/Photo Day Sandwich (photo)
N23: Coldest day -30° C
N29: New guitar! (photo)
D3: Work Christmas Party - A Christmas Carol
D5: Christmas tree set-up (photo)
D10: Margo's work Christmas Party
D15: Dad in Hospital :( (photo)
D17: Movie - Tron (photo)
D21: Dad out of hosptial! (photo)
D22: Christmas Sush-Magoosh! (photo)
D24: Christmas Eve at Ray & Mo's (photo)
D25: Christmas Day! (photo)
D28: iPad! (photo)
D31: End of skull3sixfive! (photo)

Walk to Weathertop: June 12, 2010
Walk to Scotchman's Hill: June 27, 2010
Walk on Canada Day: July 1, 2010
Walk to Folk Fest: July 24, 2010
Walk to pick up the truck: Aug 7, 2010
Walk to art & yarn store: Aug 14, 2010
Ben Sherman 70% off in Las Vegas
3 vintage suits from a friend
1970 Pontiac GTO
2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser
1997 Ford Ranger
1969 VW Beetle
1974 VW Westfalia Van
Beyond Eden (Mar)
Betryal (Apr)
Clockwork Orange w/Malcolm McDowell lecture (Apr)
The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee (May)
Lancaster Bomber Event (Aug)
Jabbawockeez [Las Vegas] (Aug)
House of Blues Sunday Gospel Lunch [Las Vegas] (Aug)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Sept)
Lost - a Memoir (Oct)
Billy Connolly (Nov)
A Christmas Carol (Dec)
Saturday Night Live
Bored to Death
Mad Men
Premier League Football
Walking Dead
Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory
This is England '86
The Inbetweeners
Avatar (Mar)
Cop Out (Mar)
Kick Ass (Apr)
Clockwork Orange (Apr)
Prince of Persia (Jul)
Inception (Jul)
Going the Distance (Sep)
The Social Network [2 times] (Oct)
Tron: Legacy (Dec)
WIRED (paper & digital)
Heat Wave - Richard Castle
Bright Lights, Big City - Jay McInerney
Lovejoy: The Very Last Gambado - Jonathan Gash
Blue Rodeo (Jan)
Wilco (Feb)
The Commitments (Mar)
Kid Rock (July)
Swell Season / Folk Fest (July)
Black Eyed Peas (Aug)
Aerosmith / Joan Jett (Sep)
Josh Ritter (Nov)
Wake Up - Tim Armstrong: 43 plays
Into Action - Tim Armstrong: 37 plays
Hold On - Tim Armstrong: 36 plays
Translator - Tim Armstrong: 34 plays
Maybe So, Maybe No - Mayer Hawthorne: 33 plays
Take This City - Tim Armstrong: 33 plays
Inner City Violence - Tim Armstrong: 33 play
Just Ain't Gonna Work Out - Mayer Hawthorne: 32 plays
Between Planets - Tranzmitors: 32 plays
Dancing In The Front Row - Tranzmitors: 32 plays
Some Girls Do - Tranzmitors: 32 plays
Alone With You - Tranzmitors: 32 plays
Invisible Girl - Tranzmitors: 32 plays
Oh No - Tim Armstrong: 31 plays
Teenage Filmstar - Tranzmitors: 31 plays
Teenage Tragedy - Tranzmitors: 31 plays
Hate It Here - Wilco: 31 plays
Bigger Houses/Broken Homes - Tranzmitors: 31 plays
Live A Little More - Tranzmitors: 31 plays
Are You Gonna Take Me - Tranzmitors: 31 plays
Jeremy Messersmith
Grayson Capps
Belle & Sebastian
Tim Armstrong - A Poet's Life
Tranzmitors - Busy Singles
Tranzmitors - Tranzmitors
Daft Punk - Tron: Legacy (Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Mayer Hawthorne - A Strange Arrangement
Wilco - Sky Blue Sky
Blue Rodeo - The Things We Left Behind
Squire - The Singles Album
Coconut Records - Davy
The Dead 60's - The Dead 60's
Jeremy Messersmith - The Reluctant Graveyard
The Plimsouls - Live! Beg, Borrow & Steal
The Kings - Are Here
The Selecter - Celebrate the Bullet
One - a Mod influenced band < photo >
11,745 km
Kananaskis - Alberta
Vancouver - British Columbia
Edmonton - Alberta
Las Vegas - Nevada
Emerald Lake - British Columbia
Picture Butte - Alberta
Toronto - Ontario
United States of America
Best Mod - Edmonton Rally <Photo>
Vintage '72 Vespa: 2,321.7 km
Yamaha Vino 50: 532 km
Yamaha Vino 125: 432.6 km
Total: 3,286.3 km
To Work: 188 out of 214 days
Weekend/Holidays: 40 days
Total: 228 days
4 years, 5 months, 27days

Duration of time riding a scooter for at least a week in each month - includes Canadian winter
New for 2010: 9
Total: 14
Total skulls drawn: 365 (1 each day) - skull3sixfive
Digital Camera: 6,965
Polaroid: 17
Diana F+: 33
iPhone: 812
Total Photos: 7,827
Photographs Uploaded: 364*
Views: 32,043
Captions Received: 814
Photos Stashed: 1,342
Captions Posted in 2010: 1,732
Total Stalkers: 199
New Stalkers in 2010: 95
iAP PhotoDays: 5

* Momentile's server down on Nov 19 - combo upload on the 20th makes the 365 complete < site >
Photos Uploaded: 149
Followers: 112
Following: 158
Personal emails Sent: 805
Personal emails Received: 5,664
Number of Tweets in 2010: 2,749
Number of Followers: 142
Twitter Account
Uploads: 13 - < site >
IN Focus: 34.75
illuminArt: 1,215
Total Hours: 1,249.75
Holidays: 14.5
Stats: 10
Sick Days: 2
Flex Days: 2
Christmas: 5
Sick Family Support: 4
Total Days Off: 38.5
12 illumiBYTES issues - < archive >
emails Sent: 3,059
emails Received: 6,508
Christmas Contest Entries: 640
6 new clients for 2010
Design Thinkers Conference in Toronto (Nov)
Gourmet Typography Workshop in Toronto (Nov)
14 years 3 months 22 days
Started w/illuminArt in September of 1996